Technical Briefs and Food Price Briefs

El Nino in Ethiopia: Analyzing the summer kiremt rains in 2015, December 2015

This Technical Brief reviews rainfall in Ethiopia from June to September 2015 by reference to 30-year averages,  and uses maps to show geographical variations in rainfall across the country. The impact of the failed summer rains are explained in terms of agricultural production, and by reference to Ethiopia’s Humanitarian Requirements Document AKLDP El Nino Rains Technical Brief

El Nino impacts in Ethiopia, September 2015

This Technical Brief explains the impacts of El Nino on the main summer kiremt rains in Ethiopia in 2015, and describes recent food security responses in Ethiopia to plan for declines in harvests due to the failed spring belg rains, as well as the erratic kiremt rains. AKLDP El Nino brief Sept 2015

Resilience in Africa’s Drylands: Revisiting the Drought Cycle Management Model, May 2014

This technical brief describes how the principles and programming of drought cycle management fit well with resilience thinking and approaches in pastoralist areas. Technical Brief DCM May 2014

Resilience Building in Afar Region, Ethiopia, October 2014

There is renewed government and donor interest in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. But what are useful resilience-building strategies for the region? AKLDP Technical Brief Afar Oct 2014

Community-based Animal Health Workers in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan: Where Are We Now?

USAID East Africa Resilience Learning Project, Policy Brief, February 2015 RLP CAHW Policy Brief Feb 2015

Protecting Milk Supply to Pastoralist Children: Good Practice from the Milk Matters Project in Ethiopia.

USAID East Africa Resilience Learning Project, Technical Brief, March 2015 RLP Milk Matters technical brief March 2015


Market Price Monitoring Maps, October 2016 market-price-monitoring-map-oct-2016

Maize and Sorghum

Wheat and Teff